Glow Stick Smart 7 Inch
Glow Stick Smart 7 Inch
Glow Stick Smart 7 Inch
Glow Stick Smart 7 Inch

Glow Stick Smart 7 Inch

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Introducing the Glow Light Smart 7 inch glow stick!
Glows brighter and last longer than the competition!


Specially formulated for fishing and outdoor recreation.

Built in carabiner, for quick attachment and release to lines and gear, and built in closed eye ring for strong tie down points.

Ideal for fishing lobster, simply click onto traps and nets. Perfect for night time fishing. Tie them inline, on sinkers, or as surface floats. They float in water when unweighted!

Essential in emergency situations, power outages, and for S.O.S signaling.

They are waterproof, do not use batteries, generate negligible heat, are inexpensive, and are reasonably disposable. They can tolerate high pressures, such as those found under water. They are used as light sources and light markers by military forces, campers, and recreational divers.

Simply bend once, snap, and shake to fully activate the glow stick.

Duration: 8 to 12 hours.

Dimensions: Ø15x180MM, 7 inches long.

Weight: 1oz


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