Anime Expo 2018 Report

Lumica Corporation participated in the biggest anime convention in North and South America “Anime Expo 2018” held in Los Angeles, USA from July 5th to 8th.



Thank you for coming to our booth! We are so happy to see you all!



Hope you enjoyed the Otagei (Otaku dance) Workshop and Anison DJ event.



Cyalume Dance Performance!
Cyalume Dance Performance!



Otagei Lesson!



Many Otagei dance challengers participaed in the Cyalume World Battle - He's the US battle winner!



Sold many Lumica products!  We are sorry that some items sold out so fast!



Luna-chan – the mascot for Lumica.



Reached a pitch of excitement!


We look forward to seeing you all at AX 2019!

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