Anime Expo 2019 Report

Lumica Corporation participated in the biggest anime convention in North and South America, “Anime Expo 2019” held in Los Angeles, USA from July 4th to 7th. Thank you everyone for coming to our booth!  We were so excited to see you all again!  Hope you enjoyed our non-stop fun stage events!

Please check out the stage video below!↓↓↓


【Wotagei / Cyalume Dance Special Lesson】 

The pioneer of Cyalume Dance, Gear (@gear_stephenie) from GinyuforcE and Hotu (@hotu_EveninGlow) from EveninGlow demonstrated Wotagei/Cyalume dance to all the US fans.  Everyone listened to their demonstration very carefully since it is so rare to receive their live lesson.  We believe that was brilliant sessions.  

 anime expo 2019 stageanime expo 2019 stage

【Anisong DJ Showcase】

DJ remixed and played latest Anisongs, not to mention iconic Anisongs of all time! The DJ party was a blast!!!

DJ “HOSAKA from Japan (@hosaka_nico)

anime expo lumica 

【Idol Live Stage】

Cuteness overload!   Idol groups from Japan and overseas performed on Lumica Stage. The excitement has reached a fever pitch!!!


青SHUN学園 カナダ校「Seishun Youth Academy」(@seishunya)


「RÖLI ANGELS(ロリィ エンジェルズ) 」(@angel_roli)

【Vtuber Live Stage】

Rin Asobi(@rin_asobi) is a Japanese American Vtuber from LA!  She sings and teaches Japanese in her videos.  We were so happy to have cute Rin Asobi on our stage!  Wish you had chances to talk with her!  

Virtual Idols have gained popularity rapidly in Japan recently but yet this is a new culture in the US.  Attendees are curious and super excited to interact with Rin Asobi!



The Wotagei/Cyalume dance pioneer, GinyuforcE and LUMICA CORPORATION join hands to host Cyalume Dance Battle tournament all over the world.  This is the second time to hold “CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE” preliminary round in LA!!

The US battle winner was Ajika(@LunaticRedEye)!! Ajika received 300pcs of Lumica Daisenko UO and also a free ticket to Tokyo for the CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE- FINAL held in December 2019.  Congratulations!  We’ll see you in Tokyo!!

Please check our Facebook for more details! 

We look forward to seeing you soon again!




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